Our Materials

Our Materials

Dressed for playing without limits

The most yummy wrapping for little arms and little legs and all in between. Right from the tender beginnings through the crawling stage to the very day the happy nugget rises on both feet and conquers the world running. Our sweatshirt design is made for movement. Soft on the body but hardwearing in use. They are woven from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton, which lets the skin breathe. Wash it again and again at 40-60 degrees, and it never loses its shape: no lint and no fading colors.

Strength soft as velvet

Now, see if you can resist our velvet. It's cute down to the tiniest detail, but the design goes to the core of function. The clothes are made for movement, and even though the velvet may look delicate, it is far from it.

It is woven from the best long fibers of 100% GOTS certified cotton, making it very soft but very well-wearing at the same time. And you won't experience lint or fading colors when washing. So even when one little one has grown out of the clothes, they aren't worn out. It is still as new for the next little one.

An almost home knitted classic

Our knitwear design pays attention to looks, durability and sustainability. The jerseys have been knitted one at a time as fully fashioned knit -almost like home-knit- and it's not been produced by the metre, which always results in a lot of waste.

Our classic knitwear is made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. Does it lose its shape when washed and washed again? No, not our knit. So, of course, it can be passed on from one little toddler to the next without any of the pleasure being worn off.