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      Baby bedding is one of the most important things you can provide for your little one. For sweet dreams, we highly recommend our amazing baby bedding sets! It can help your child sleep comfortably and promotes healthy development. Our set is made from 100% organic cotton, which is super soft and gentle on your baby's skin. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match any nursery decor. Most importantly, organic baby bedding is free from harmful chemicals and toxins, so you can feel assured knowing your child is safe and healthy. Give your little one the best start in life with our organic baby bedding.

      Good news for the super moms out there because it is easily machine washable. The quality linen feels good to touch, lay down on, make a cosy blanket fort of and play on. When you spread the duvet, you can feel the environment turn into a safe place. Copenhagen Colors strives to provide the munchkins’ a sense of security, comfort and safety while sleeping, playing, and snuggling.

      20 products

      20 products


      One of the most important things for a baby is a good night's sleep. And baby bedding is essential to ensure your child gets the best sleep possible. At Copenhagen Colors we design sustainable and comfortable bed linens for children aged 0-6 years. Our goal is to give the super moms out there a hand with purchasing the ideal bed linen for their little ones. Our high-quality bedding sets will for sure suit your needs and help the bedtime routine go smoother and falling asleep easier.

      We offer a collection of baby bed linen sets that include a matching duvet cover and pillowcase. Both are classic square-shaped. Our products is reversible and playful, with a different color on each side. Our sets of ultra-soft baby bed linens are manufactured from cotton grown with organic farming, without harmful substances. The fabric made of natural cotton is lightweight, breathable during the hot summer days, and warm during the cold winter months.

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