Our children’s sleepwear is designed with the importance of the child’s good sleep in mind. After another long and exhausting day exploring the world, we want to provide children with a relaxing and restful sleep. Copenhagen Colors provides sleepwear for all seasons. Our nightwear collection includes one-piece gowns and two-piece pyjama sets. The coordinated long-sleeved top and bottom are suitable for accommodating the cold weather. Our sets consisting of matching T-shirts and shorts are ideal during the hot months of the year to avoid sweating.

      37 products

      37 products

      We design pyjamas that can be described as simple and practical: a few buttons, without extra pockets and details, like frill and lace. They are easy to put on and take off. In addition to simplicity, the design can be defined by a relaxed and flexible fit, which makes it easy for your munchkin to adjust to a bedtime routine and to go to sleep. 

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