Our accessories are designed with a focus on usability, comfortability and sustainability. When we create them, we carefully think about how each item can bring joy and ease into everyday life – life that is made more wonderful by using colorful, convenient and capable items. These products are all eco-friendly. They were made in a net-zero production line. And they were made with love not just for the environment, but to each and every customer in mind.

      43 products

      43 products

      We guarantee that any munchkin using an accessory made by Copenhagen Colors experiences the same happiness that we do when designing them, the absolute highest comfort and the joy of life. For parents, we made sure to include the information needed for a conscious purchase, while also adding many options to choose from. With Copenhagen Colors’ help, you can bring diversity and wonder into your own home, while also ensuring that any ’workplace incidents’ are just a wash away! Our sustainable materials work together to create the peak of eco-friendliness, the very finest clothes and toys directly for you.

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