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βœ”οΈ Comfortable and portable solution
βœ”οΈ Converts easily into a play mat
βœ”οΈ Fits all prams and strollers
βœ”οΈ Super soft 100% organic materials
βœ”οΈ Hypoallergenic and breathable
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Are you looking for a safe and stylish environment for your baby to play and rest in?

Look no further!
Made with 100% organic materials and designed with your baby's comfort in mind, this multifunctional product is perfect for both playtime and naptime.



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If you are dreaming of an organic and multifunctional baby lift, you should choose the lift from Copenhagen Colors. It is soft and portable at the same time, and it is designed especially as a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment for the baby to watch the world outside or to snuggle in.Β 

The baby lift is an ideal way to help your child feel safe when travelling. The handles are constructed with an ergonomic grip, which makes it easy to carry the lift around and works as an additional safety measure, to make sure the lift is held in the right angle. The baby lift can easily be used to either play or sleep in, and it can also be converted into a play mat in only a few seconds.Β 

The lift fits into all prams and combined pram + strollers and underneath the bottom we have added a small elevation, which makes it safe to place directly on the floor, while you are at a cafΓ© or in a store, preventing the lift from being chilled or dirty.

The materials we have used are carefully chosen; the outer material is water repellent cotton, and the lining inside the lift is made from a super soft cotton poplin in a delicate stripe design – both materials are of course 100% organic, and the mattress is made in a hypoallergenic and breathable foam.

With this baby lift you will not only get a classic and aesthetic design, but also a multi-functional product.

In addition to the lift being convertible into a play mat, you also have the option to buy a specially designed hood as an add-on. The hood will work both as a shield from the sun, and from too many impressions from outside – this is a very important feature especially for when the baby needs to sleep, to prevent overstimulation.

The lift is tested under the European safety standard EN 1466 by an impartial third-party testing lab, which ensures it will comply to all applicable requirements and that you, as a consumer, can trust that the standard is of highest safety possible.

Oh, and by the way – the safety standard also ensures that the baby lift is safe to sleep in for the newborn.


If you need any additional info on the baby lift, we urge you to check out our FAQ.

Psst. remember you can buy a 2:1 hood and pram pillow for this lift seperately!Β The product is OCS Certified.

DIMENSION: Length: 77cm, Width: 32cm, Height:18cm - measurement in lying position 72 - 90 cm.
ATTENTION: Keep away from fire. Please remove mattress, bottom board and side fillings before washing and wash cover only.

COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton / PADDING: 100% recycled polyester
CLEANING: Machine wash by 30 degrees β€’ Do not tumble dry β€’ Do not bleach β€’ Do not dry clean β€’ Wash with similar colours β€’ Remove board before wash



A baby lift is comparable to a small bed, that can be brought anywhere you go. For a newborn, the pram will often feel very big and is this case the lift will help by making it a tighter, more fitted space and will give the baby a feeling of safe surroundings. The newborn baby is used to feeling warm and enclosed in the womb and this baby lift will be a substitute for that feeling by creating a familiar and comfortable environment, that will soothe and create a sort of a cave for the baby, especially when transporting a sleeping child. The lift will quickly get a smell of β€˜home’ and it will therefor feel safe to the child, being moved from the pram to the crib, or to other places such as a summer house or visiting relatives etc.

When you are ready to teach the baby to sleep in their own crib, it is also helpful to use the lift – you just place the lift directly in the crib, so the comfortable feeling from the lift and the smell of the lift will be transferred onto the crib, making the transition easier.

In both ends of the baby lift, there are flexible drawstrings with stoppers, which can be untightened and thereby transforming the lift to a play mat – you can also use these strings to simply expand the lift, if needed.

We have added a cover for the strings in both ends, to increase the safety of the lift, so that you can prevent the strings from falling into the lift.

For safety reasons, we advise you to make sure the strings are completely tightened, and the covers are closed, when using the lift to carry the baby from one destination to another.

The baby lift can be used immediately after the child is born and up until the baby is 7 months or 9 kilos – this is part of the European safety standard, which the lift has been tested under. This means that all lifts that are tested under this standard will go no higher than 9 kilos.

We recommend that you buy the lift before giving birth, so you have the time to get to know the lift with all the different options and we also recommend you to place the baby lift in your own bed in the days up to your due date, making the lift smell like you and your partner, which will instantly comfort the baby even from first time using the lift. It can also be done by placing some of your ’unwashed’ garments in the lift. Remember to bring the lift to the hospital, so it can be a practical help for you and the baby from the very beginning.

The baby lift has been designed from universal standard measurements and have been tested to fit into all standard prams and combined pram + strollers.

Both a baby nest and a baby lift are comforting aids for the baby and a practical help for the parents – the difference is however that you would usually only use the baby nest in the home and that the baby lift would be used to bring out the newborn on walks or visits, because of the slim shape and the higher and more firm sides.

A baby nest is more open, making it easy for the baby to look at the surroundings, whereas the baby lift is more closed, creating a safe space for the baby when travelling.

When designing the lift, we have focused on using certified organic materials mainly, which is better in contact with the very delicate skin of the newborn. The fabric used on inside is made in organic cotton, which has a breathable and natural surface and will be very tender to the touch and will not bother the baby even after many hours in the lift. The exterior material of the lift is a water repellent, durable, organic cotton canvas, which is not too delicate and therefor will be less receptive of dirt.

The mattress is made from a hypoallergenic foam, which is breathable and therefor easier on the baby’s breathing.

The natural materials make the lift very easy to clean.

The baby lift is OCS certified, which means that main part of the materials is completely organic, with full traceability to the manufacturers growing the fibers and that all materials are tested to not include any unwanted chemistry.

The Copenhagen Colors baby lift has been tested under the European safety standard EN 1466 by an impartial third-party testing lab, which makes sure that the product applies to all requirements and ensures that you, as a consumer, can trust that the standard is of highest safety possible.

The baby lift is designed with higher side panels, to prevent any accidents from happening and with a wooden board in the bottom, to stabilize the lift making it safe to carry around with the baby in the lift. This will also be better for the baby’s back, as a soft bottom would risk making the baby ’curl up’ in the lift. We have however added a very thick and spongy mattress on top of the board, so it will not feel hard for the baby.

The standardΒ EN 1466Β is a test for the safety aspects concerning the child’s sleeping habits and the risks related to carrying the child in the lift, the test includes:

1. Static test, where the baby lift is hung by the handles with a 38-kilo dummy for 30 minutesΒ = ensures that the handles are strong enough.

2. Dynamic test, where the baby lift is hung by the handles with a 9-kilo dummy including 15.000 lifts and drops = ensures that the lift can be used over a longer period and is durable in use.

3. Fire test, to ensure that the surface will not overheat in case of fire = makes sure that the materials will not burn faster than β€˜normal’.

4. Cylinder test, where they place the lift on an angled surface and roll a cylinder from one side to the other = ensures that the side panels will not yield over and that the baby lift will not tilt if the baby rolls over.Β 

It is important to emphasize, that we always recommend checking your baby regularly, when they are in the baby lift – this is mentioned only as an extra safety measure, but would also be a natural step, when the baby wakes up or is hungry.

The standard, which the baby lift has been tested under, also makes sure there are no hazardous elements in the lift that could potentially be harmful for the baby and that it can endure everyday use, plus that all factors are complying to the standard in terms of sleeping safely in the baby lift.

We have included a pamphlet in the packing for the baby lift with information on the use of the baby lift, which we recommend keeping for later.

Yes, our baby lift can be washed in a normal household washing machine on 30 degrees. Remember to remove the wooden board before washing. Would be recommended to use a mild detergent (we would suggest a detergent free of perfume) and without bleach, to protect the baby after the lift has been washed. Do not tumble dry the lift, but place it unfolded and flat, maybe on top of the drying rack, so there is full ventilation from top and bottom.

Smaller stains can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth, as the lift has a coating on the outside, which makes it easy to clean – the coating is of course without any unwanted chemistry, so it is safe for the baby even in direct contact with the materials.

The natural and pure materials make sure you do not have to wash the lift before first time use.

The inside of our baby lift is made in organic cotton poplin, for the soft touch of the delicate baby skin.

The tight weave of the inner fabric was chosen carefully, so that the material on inside will be less receptive of dirt or stains, as the surface is more dirt repellent.

The outside of the lift is made in a stronger cotton canvas, which will be more durable and long lasting.

However, to prevent the lift from becoming dirty too quickly on outside and for making it easy to remove smaller stains just with a damp cloth, we have treated the outer material with a light wax-based coating.Β 

Β The coating is safe even if the mouth of the child will get in direct contact with the outer fabric, as it is PFOS-free and PFOA-free and passes the REACH standard, making it suitable for organic fibers within the GOTS certification and thereby ensuring the safety of the child, by not using any chemicals or harmful substances.Β 

In case of any bigger stains or you just would like to wash the lift more thoroughly, it can easily be done in the washing machine – please check the washing instructions below.

Depending on how much you fasten the strings in either end, the lift can have different measurements according to your needs. The stabilizing wooden board in the bottom is 72 cm long and 32 cm wide – this will be the minimum size for the baby lift and is what defines if the lift can fit into the pram or the crib. The final length of the lying position is 72 - 90 cm, and the side panels are 18 cm high, but will not be a problem even if it is higher than the sides of the pram. The measurement of the play mat, when the lift is unfolded, is 65 cm x 104 cm. Weight of the lift without the wooden board is 1,35 kg, including the wooden board 2,2 kg.

We have designed a specially fitted hood for the lift, that can be attached to the sides of the lift and is bought separately. The hood will work as a shield from the sun, but can also be used to minimize the impressions from the world surrounding the baby, when you are outside – this is especially important when the baby needs to sleep and therefore should not be overstimulated. The hood can also be turned inside out and folded down, so it can be used a supporting seat, for when the baby starts to learn how to sit on its own, supporting under the arms and behind the back.