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      Rib jerseys are one of our most favorite designs. It is simply wonderful, as it has great drape quality, allows for maximal stretching, and is very durable. Not to mention, they are extremely soft, so we’re sure your baby will adore them. As toddlers like to move a lot, these rib jerseys offer a long-lasting option for any piece of clothing.

      142 products

      142 products

      Even if they get stuck on something, they can almost stretch out to twice their size, hence its great compatibility with even outdoor apparel. As baby skin is much more irritable than adults’, we take great responsibility to create the most comfortable rib jerseys there are. In fact, they are so soft that your baby might not even notice they are wearing anything, and thus any discomfort is impossible. All of these qualities are what make rib jerseys so diverse. They are suitable for leggings, skirts, shirts and blouses alike. They also allow a lot of breathing space underneath, which helps with any additional layers you might need in cold weather times. Diapers are easily used alongside rib jerseys, as the stretching makes them fit easily. At Copenhagen Colors, we understand the endless possibilities of rib jerseys, and thus, use it extensively.