Activity toys


      In the early months of a baby, it is essential to use baby toys for development. It can be hard to choose a suitable toy for your child to play with, but we offer a selection of fun toys for babies to grab and play with at a reasonable price. Learning the names of colors, animals in the first years can have several benefits in the development of babies. With the variety of baby toys, you should stick around and enjoy your free time with your baby and their toys.

      6 products

      6 products

      Best developmental toys for babies

      The market for activity toys is full for babies, and for a first-time parent, it can be hard to choose the best toys for your baby. Usually, these toys are often used during tummy time; the baby's little hands welcome bright colors, fun textures, and floating sea creatures. While having a little one, it is crucial to introduce sensory play and hand-eye coordination toys. With different shapes and forms, you can also help language development at any age.

      Your child is going to love these toys

      Copenhagen Colors offer a massive selection of baby toys, such as animal-like rattle toy and ball-shaped playful stackers that can be used when you sit down with your baby to explore new toys. Our best seller rattle toy comes in a variety of different colors. The cute little rattle with a face on top of a bell inside is an easy way to keep your baby occupied. The size of the rattle makes it easy to bring on day trips or travel.

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